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1948 - 2015

Bill Taylor, CIC was a graduate of San Marcos Baptist Academy and held a bachelors degree from Texas State University. He served in the Texas Army National Guard from 1969-1975 and spent a number of years working in bowling centers, eventually owning one along with an old friend. He founded Bill Taylor & Associates Insurance in 1975. No one knew at the time that those experiences in bowling centers would light the path the agency would follow into the future. Bill provided insurance for a bowling center in Laredo in 1977, and as they say, they rest is history. He, along with his partner Judy Koehler who is still with the agency,  were licensed in over 20 States and provided insurance to the Family Entertainment Industry, Bowling Centers, Skating Rinks and managed a Restaurant , Bar and Tavern program as well. This early commitment to niche marketing was a major factor in the success of the agency. Bill earned the prestigious "Certified Insurance Counselor" Designation in 1982 and maintained the vigorous continuing education schedule required to maintain the designation. "We INSURE Fun" was his motto for many years.