Bill Taylor And Associates, inc. Bowling Center Insurance

Our business has been built based on deliberate and unparalleled customer service. A real dedication to and a firm vision of a niche marketing program has made us a major player in the recreation insurance marketplace. We haven't had any personnel turnover in almost 15 years so our clients KNOW who they are talking to. Not just the longevity, but we visit with our clientele either at National & Regional events or in person at their business place. We maintain exclusive contracts with our carriers so that we can give that little extra value added and have continuity among and with our clients and their insurance contracts. We love our business and it shows!

Judy Koehler

Judy Koehler has been in the insurance field since 1973 when she joined an agency as a High School Student. Little did she know that there was no escape from the insurance business. She has been a full partner, director and agent in the agency since 1995. Judy handles all matters related to accounting and all producer and company communications and relationships. This year commemorates Judy's 43rd year in the insurance field. She has attended numerous Bowling and Family Recreation Center events and is well known in the industry.

About Us 

Bill Taylor and Associates, Inc. 


Cheryl Raley

Cheryl Raley joined the agency 14 years ago to assist with direct mail marketing and quickly made herself indispensable. She handles all the licensing with State Agencies for the company, processes all agency correspondence, works with brokers for quotes and coverages and is the first person to answer the phone when someone calls. Cheryl is incredibly well organized and is the spark plug that keeps the day to day operations humming along.  She is a licensed agent and a student of the package policies and the coverages that we market.




Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor, CIC is a graduate of San Marcos Baptist Academy and holds a bachelors degree from Texas State University. He served in the Texas Army National Guard from 1969-1975 and spent a number of years working in bowling centers, eventually owning one along with an old friend. He founded Bill Taylor & Associates Insurance in 1975. No one knew at the time that those experiences in bowling centers would light the path the agency would follow into the future. Bill provided insurance for a bowling center in Laredo in 1977, and as they say, they rest is history. Now he and his partner Judy are licensed in over 20 States and provide insurance to the Family Entertainment Industry, Bowling Centers, Skating Rinks and have a Restaurant , Bar and Tavern program as well. This early commitment to niche marketing has been a major factor in the success of the agency. 2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Agency and Bill's forty second year as a licensed insurance agent and risk manager. Bill earned the prestigious "Certified Insurance Counselor" Designation in 1982 and has maintained the vigorous continuing education schedule required to maintain the designation. "We INSURE Fun" has been the their motto for many years. "Bowling has been good to us and we try to give back to the industry in every way that we can" says Bill. Bill Taylor & Associates, Inc. represents several fine insurance carriers, including the endorsed carrier of the BPAA, Houston Casualty Insurance Company. They have been the endorsed agency of the Texas Bowling Centers Association since 1989 and are very active with that association and others.